Our Purpose

All Sports Alberta Foundation (ASAF) will be organizing a Golf Tournament (Golf4Kids) to support Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) initiation and raise funds for Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health being build in Calgary.

There will be opportunities for playing, sponsorships and direct donations to Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.



Children’s Mental Health
A big challenge all around the globe
An estimated 1.2 million children and youth in Canada are affected by mental illness
Children’s Mental Health
70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence
All Sports Alberta Foundation
To support ACHF initiative
Fundraising Golf Tournament

Our Event

This is an event to help Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to build better healing places for our children’s health care. 

Why is this important to us? Healthy children create healthy future. Early interventions improve outcomes in physical and mental health. 

Sports and connections create resilient and successful children. All Sports Alberta Foundation is all about keeping children healthy and happy.


What are we supporting?

Children’s Mental Health needs are a big challenge all around the globe. We are supporting ACHF’s initiatives related to this cause. Funds raised during this campaign will contribute to ACHF’s Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, being built in Calgary. The project will cost more than $50,000,000 which is being primarily raised through philanthropic efforts of generous Calgary community


How to Sponsor?

If you want to donate or sponsor this event, there are many ways. For donations you can simply go to Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation website and make a donation. 

We encourage businesses to take this opportunity to advertise. 

Make a Donation
This can be done through direct donations to ACHF through online or cheques. 100% goes to ACHF. Tabs will be open from April to August 2021. Details below
Please see our sponsorship package at the end. Most of this money will go to ACHF. Sponsorship acknowledgement will be issued by ACHF and ASAF. No tax receipts.  
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