Important information for Golf4kids participants

Please do review this page on the day of the tournament. We may need to change this information based on feedback from the golf course.
For location map, please scroll down to the bottom. 

Please follow government of Alberta COVID related rules. Please continue to practice social distancing and hand hygiene. If you are not fully vaccinated, you should take extra precautions.  Bring your own masks if you need one. Masks will be available outside the dinner area before at 6:00 PM Hand sanitizer lotion will be available.
Registration will be set up in the area between the Club House and East Driving Range.
Dinner will be served in the covered dining area in the Event Centre behind the Club House shown in the picture below with dark green roof. If needed, there may be an outdoor seating area. There may be screening done before the dinner. Please time that in your schedule. 

Arrive on time to register and warm up: Info on driving range. Do read this. 


  1. Please scroll down to see your T off time.
  2. Arrive 45 -50 minutes before your T time. Practice driving range stalls will be preloaded only for 8 players at a time. Let those players who are going ahead of you use those stalls so that they can get ready and you get your opportunity at your tern. 
  3. You will need 15-20 minutes to register and get your welcome package, load your carts. 
  4. You will then proceed to the driving range to warm up. Your practice golf balls will be preloaded. No payment required. Get 2-3 clubs and proceed to the range to practice Do you take more than 9 minutes (that will be the flow rate on the first T as well. 
  5. You must show up on your designated T ( 1 or 10 for front nine or back nine). 
  6. When you get to T1 or T10, you will be given further instructions from the proshop starter. 

Dinner and Prize Distribution Schedule

Dinner program will start at 6:00 PM. There will be short speeches from the invited guests including Saifa Koonar, CEO of Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. This will be followed by prize distribution and lucky draw. 
Dress Code for the dinner is semi formal or golfing attire. 

Here is the prize list for you:
Texas Scramble: Longest Drive Men and Ladies, Closest to the pin, Men and Ladies, Longest Put, Men and Ladies
Stroke Play: Three trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions based on the lowest overall scores. Please note: If you are in Stroke Play competition, please do NOT add your names to the 3 prizes exclusive for Texas Scramble listed above. Just keep your scores updated and captains should hand over the score cards to the prize and rule committee headed by Imtiaz Adil and his team after completing 18 holes.
There will be addition lucky draw prizes and golf club coupon prizes. 

What do you need to bring with you

You will be required to bring your own golf bag containing a driver, few irons (usual ones are 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and Pitching Wedge. Please bring a glove for non-dominant hand. Novice players may need to bring a dozen or more balls. If you need to rent a golf bag, please call the golf course pro shop in advance.  Pro Shop number is: +14032572255
Please note that you must have proper GOLF SHOES to keep you safe from slipping. 
Although you will get a water bottle in your welcome package, it may not be enough. 
Dress Code: Canadian Dress codes can be found at: Canadian Golf Dress Code

Dress Description

Simple Description

Detailed Description

Golf CasualProper golf attire
Golf pants and a collared golf shirt
Footwear: teaching shoes acceptable
Business FormalSuit and tie or equivalent
Sport jacket or suit jacket, necktie, dress slacks and dress shirt; or skirt/pants and blouse, or dress
Footwear: dress shoes
Unacceptable attire
The following is unacceptable at any PGA of BC event or function
Denim jeans, clothing that is ripped, torn, or otherwise in a state of disrepair, clothing with overt commercial advertising or offensive logos or slogans, running shoes, sandals


Note: Each players will have to play at least 4 T shots. Captain is responsible for keeping track of all T shots by circling the name of the player whose T shot is being counted. 

All captains to print one copy of this and bring it along

 Texas Scramble is a competition format that is a basic scramble with a slight twist. Scrambles involve 4-person teams playing four balls, but with each shot coming from the same spot (the best of the four drives is chosen and all four team members then hit from that spot, and so on).

The variation in a Texas Scramble is that at least four drives of each member of the team must be used during the course of the round: At least four drives hit by Player A, four by Player B, and so on. In a regular scramble, a great driver might have his tee ball used on every hole. A Texas Scramble eliminates that possibility and allows even the weakest driver on the team to get into the action.

The Texas Scramble is one of the most popular tournament formats in golf.

Rules of Texas Scramble

  1. Each team will consist of four players. In case there is a missing player, the turn of the fourth player is rotated between all remaining.
  2. All players can tee off at each hole.
  3. The nominated team captain then selects the best drive and marks the position (within 6 inches) with a tee peg (not nearer the hole). A minimum of four tee shots per player to be used.
  4. We will be playing the White Tee’s
  5. The other players then retrieve their balls.
  6. The player whose ball has been chosen then plays his next shot first. If it happens to be the player whose tee shot is being used, you cannot use same person’s second shot.
  7. The remaining players then play within six inches of the tee peg (not nearer the hole). Note! Golf balls shall be placed on closely mown areas and dropped if the chosen ball in play is in the rough or a hazard.
  8. The above method of play is followed until the green is reached.
  9. On the green the same method applies. The ball chosen is marked by a putter head length and players putt from the same spot in turn.
  10. Each player must mark the ball after putting. Play continues from each chosen position until the ball is holed.
  11. The score is the total number of shots from the chosen spots (including the tee shot).
  12. Captain of each team shall be responsible for turning in the completed score card to the technical committee at the end of the game. Please also look for prize holes
    1. Captain of each team shall be responsible for turning in the completed score card to the technical committee at the end of the game. Please also look for prize holes



       Hole #1 Long Drive

       Hole #4 closest to Pin

       Hole #18 Long Putt

      LADIES :

      Hole#11 Long Dive

      Hole # 17 Closest to pin

      Hole #9 Long Putt


    Note: There will also be a 7th prize in this category. This will be for the overall lowest team score playing Texas Scramble. This will be a cash score of 25 each or a gift card of the same value.  

General Rules of playing: Captains, please read this carefully.

Captains, please read this carefully.

Basic Rules for Regular (Stroke) Play. Please read these carefully and understand

  1. An important rule in golf is to play the ball as it lies, without moving it.
  2. Losing a golf ball while attempting to advance the ball through the playing area includes a one stroke penalty and a distance penalty. But to keep pace, we can drop a ball perpendicular to the approximate location of the lost ball within two club lengths on the fairway with one stroke penalty. (Two minutes to look for lost ball)
  3. Ball that is in water, same above rule applies. Drop a ball perpendicular to lie in water (where the ball landed in the water) within two club lengths on the fairway and play the ball with one stroke penalty.
  4. If your ball lies on or near the cart path or when the obstruction (manmade) interferes with your stance or the area of intended swing, you may take free relief – you must determine the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole with in two club lengths and the ball must be dropped. Same goes for all other man-made hazards.
  5. If the ball lies in the bunker (sand trap); it must be played as it lies, without moving the sand. Any movement of the ball or the sand to enhance the lie of the ball, one stroke penalty. (New Covid Exception: If there are no rakes in the bunker, or if your ball ends up in a divot/footprint, you may pick up the ball and place it on an undisturbed sand no closer to the hole without penalty.
  6. A ball is considered to be in a hazard when any part of the ball touches that hazard. Special rules apply to playing balls that have landed in a hazard. For example, a player may not touch the ground with his club before playing a ball. A ball in any hazard may be played as it lies without penalty. If it cannot be played from the hazard, the ball may be hit from another location, with a penalty of one stroke. Example, ball in tall grass, behind a tree, etc. etc.
  7. Once on the green, mark your ball. If your ball is not marked and another player playing their ball, contacts your ball there is a two-stroke penalty to the player playing the ball and one stroke penalty to the person who did not mark their ball.
  8. Repair your divot on the green as soon as you get to the green, if possible, repair another divot if you see one. Don’t step in the way of another player’s line.
  9. Keep accurate score of your strokes and penalties. Gimme for Stroke play is putters metal length or 2 feet. Gimme for Texas Scramble is one putter length. 
  10. Captain must tell the players who have already scored triple bogie to pick up the ball adding one or two extra points, depending on the placement of the ball. 
  11. There will be three trophies for Stroke Play. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for three lowest scores. Captains please ensure that the scores are entered regulary by two designated players (Captain + one from the other cart). The score cards must be handed in promptly to the handicap committee headed by Imtiaz Adil

Be honest in score keeping, count all strokes and penalties accurately.

Teams for August 8, Golf4Kids play

Please note that teams 1-8 will be playing Stroke Play and Teams 9-19 will be playing Texas Scramble. First names on the top of team lists are captains. Captains, please read the playing instructions for your groups carefully. Please let us know if you have a compelling reason to change.  

Tentative Start timeNamePlay type
12:21:00Shafqat Malik ( C )STROKE PLAY
 Adnan Mansoor STROKE PLAY
12:30:00Amjud Amin ( C ) STROKE PLAY
 Zulfiqar AliSTROKE PLAY
12:39:00Ali Oonwala (C )STROKE PLAY
 Huzaifa Hussain STROKE PLAY
 Ali KarachiwalaSTROKE PLAY
 Hatim Karachiwala STROKE PLAY
12:48:00Michael Stubbs ( C )STROKE PLAY
 Tariq Roshan STROKE PLAY
 Siraj Hussin STROKE PLAY
 Shabbir HussainSTROKE PLAY
12:57:00Amer Haque ( C )STROKE PLAY
 Ahmed QureshiSTROKE PLAY
 Ansar QureshiSTROKE PLAY
 Muhammad Naeem STROKE PLAY
01:06:00Jamie Tittmore ( C )STROKE PLAY
 Peter MartinSTROKE PLAY
01:15:00Noor Leghari ( C )STROKE PLAY
 Salim Hamid STROKE PLAY
 Fatima HamidSTROKE PLAY
01:24:00Khawar Murtaza  CSTROKE PLAY
 Sohail Adil STROKE PLAY
01:33:00Samuel Oluwadairo  Sr.( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Samuel Oluwadairo Jr.TEXAS SCRAMBLE
Tentative Start timeNamePlay type
12:21:00Abdul Rahman ( C) TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Muhammad YaseenTEXAS SCRAMBLE
12:30:00Cam Baird ( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
12:39:00Justin Wood (C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Dr. Olivier Clerk-LamaliceTEXAS SCRAMBLE
12:48:00Kelly Kinghorn ( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Mansoor KirmaniTEXAS SCRAMBLE
12:57:00Jamie Lynne Dacey ( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Andrew HostetlerTEXAS SCRAMBLE
13:06:00Asim Hussain (C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
13:15:00Umar Arshi ( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
01:24:00Muhammad Khalid ( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Muhammad Pasha TEXAS SCRAMBLE
01:33:00Vincent Lee (C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 01:42:00Carolyn Wright ( C )TEXAS SCRAMBLE
 Amanda RichardsonTEXAS SCRAMBLE


Location map of the Golf Course is embedded in the second column.
Players please arrive 45 minutes before your start time to register, collect your welcome package and warm up

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