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Thank you for supporting our first golf event in a big way! 



Many thanks to our Platinum Sponsors Triple J Pipelines (2019) Inc. for their support. Their sponsorship will make this Golf4Kids event even more exciting. We thank them for supporting our organization which is involved in building strong communities through healthy sports. This year, ASAF is supporting Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation to build a state of art centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Let's all be part of this effort.

Our Lucky Draw Sponsors

Ali and Zohar Oonwala have been a constant source of support for us. Thank you for sponsoring our lucky draw. 

Our Event

This is an event to help Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to build better healing places for our children’s health care. 

Why is this important to us? Healthy children create healthy future. Early interventions improve outcomes in physical and mental health. 

Sports and connections create resilient and successful children. All Sports Alberta Foundation is all about keeping children healthy and happy.

What are we supporting?

Children’s Mental Health needs are a big challenge all around the globe. We are supporting ACHF’s initiatives related to this cause. Funds raised during this campaign will contribute to ACHF’s Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, being built in Calgary. The project will cost more than $50,000,000 which is being primarily raised through philanthropic efforts of generous Calgary community

Location of our event