COVID19 Related Rules and Procedures



Registration will be set up in the area between the Club House and Proximal Driving Range.
Dinner will be served in the covered dining area in the Event Centre behind the Club House shown in the picture below with dark green roof. If needed, there may be an outdoor seating area. There may be screening done before registeration. Please time that in your schedule. 

Provisional: Full Day Program with Dinner and Prize Distribution Schedule

Program details will go here. Registration will start at 11:00 am. First T off will be around noon and dinner will start at 6:00 pm. Program will conclude at 8:00 pm. 

What do you need to bring with you

Golf bag with Driver, necessary irons (there usually are 8 or so in number), putter, golf balls (12 or so if you are a beginner), non-dominant hand gloves, set of assorted Ts, hats, proper attire (shirts without collars, jeans, khakis, are not allowed). You must have proper golf shoes (to prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself). 


 CAPTAIN’S COPY: TEXAS SCRAMBLE (Note: This sheet is not required for Stroke play, reserved for players with established handicap.)

All captains to print one copy of this and bring it along

 Texas Scramble is a competition format that is a basic scramble with a slight twist. Scrambles involve 4-person teams playing four balls, but with each shot coming from the same spot (the best of the four drives is chosen and all four team members then hit from that spot, and so on).

The variation in a Texas Scramble is that at least four drives of each member of the team must be used during the course of the round: At least four drives hit by Player A, four by Player B, and so on. In a regular scramble, a great driver might have his tee ball used on every hole. A Texas Scramble eliminates that possibility and allows even the weakest driver on the team to get into the action.

The Texas Scramble is one of the most popular tournament formats in golf.

Rules of Texas Scramble

  1. Each team will consist of four players. In case there is a missing player, the turn of the fourth player is rotated between all remaining.
  2. All players can tee off at each hole.
  3. The nominated team captain then selects the best drive and marks the position (within 6 inches) with a tee peg (not nearer the hole). A minimum of four tee shots per player to be used.
  4. We will be playing the White Tee’s
  5. The other players then retrieve their balls.
  6. The player whose ball has been chosen then plays his next shot first. If it happens to be the player whose tee shot is being used, you cannot use same person’s second shot.
  7. The remaining players then play within six inches of the tee peg (not nearer the hole). Note! Golf balls shall be placed on closely mown areas and dropped if the chosen ball in play is in the rough or a hazard.
  8. The above method of play is followed until the green is reached.
  9. On the green the same method applies. The ball chosen is marked by a putter head length and players putt from the same spot in turn.
  10. Each player must mark the ball after putting. Play continues from each chosen position until the ball is holed.
  11. The score is the total number of shots from the chosen spots (including the tee shot).
  12. Captain of each team shall be responsible for turning in the completed score card to the technical committee at the end of the game. Please also look for prize holes
  13. A) Hole # 6 – Closest to the pin
  14. B) Hole # 11 – Longest Drive
  15. C) Hole # 18 – Longest Putt

General Rules of playing: Captains, please read this carefully.

Basic Rules for the Casual Golfer Please read these carefully and understand

  1. An important rule in golf is to play the ball as it lies, without moving it.
  2. Losing a golf ball while attempting to advance the ball through the playing area includes a one stroke penalty and a distance penalty. But to keep pace, we can drop a ball perpendicular to the approximate location of the lost ball within two club lengths on the fairway with one stroke penalty. (Two minutes to look for lost ball)
  3. Ball that is in water, same above rule applies. Drop a ball perpendicular to lie in water (where the ball landed in the water) within two club lengths on the fairway and play the ball with one stroke penalty.
  4. If your ball lies on or near the cart path or when the obstruction (manmade) interferes with your stance or the area of intended swing you may take free relief – you must determine the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole with in two club lengths and the ball must be dropped. Same goes for all other man made hazards.
  5. If the ball lies in the bunker (sand trap); it must be played as it lies, without moving the sand. Any movement of the ball or the sand to enhance the lie of the ball, one stroke penalty. (New Covid Exception: If there are no rakes in the bunker, or if your ball ends up in a divot/foot print, you may pick up the ball and place it on an undisturbed sand no closer to the hole without penalty.
  6. A ball is considered to be in a hazard when any part of the ball touches that hazard. Special rules apply to playing balls that have landed in a hazard. For example, a player may not touch the ground with his club before playing a ball. A ball in any hazard may be played as it lies without penalty. If it cannot be played from the hazard, the ball may be hit from another location, with a penalty of one stroke. Example, ball in tall grass, behind a tree, etc. etc.
  7. Once on the green, mark your ball. If your ball is not marked and another player playing their ball, contacts your ball there is a two stroke penalty to the player playing the ball and one stroke penalty to the person who did not mark their ball.
  8. Repair your divot on the green as soon as you get to the green, if possible, repair another divot if you see one. Don’t step in the way of another players line.
  9. Keep accurate score of your strokes and penalties. Gimme for Stroke play is putters metal lenth or 2 feet. Gimme for Texas Scramble is one putter length. 
  10. Captain must tell the players who have already scored triple boggie to pick up the ball adding one exta point if one club length away and two extra point if on the green but more then 2 club lengths away 


Be honest in score keeping, count all strokes and penalties accurately.

Teams for August 8, Golf4Kids play

Team Numbers and Names and T Times will go here.

We will have a combination of Stroke Play and Best Ball (Texas Scramble).

Stay tuned for more information here.

We will be introducing some new prizes and toughen up competition for stroke play.
We will also add a running trophy for the competition as well.

Players please arrive 45 minutes before your start time to register, collect your welcome package and warm up