You can buy Tee Time for our tournament online by visiting our Square Marketplace above. You can buy tickets as a single player or for your foursome or multiples of foursome. Please be mindful that the the existing COVID rules applicable on the day of tournament will dictate the social distancing, cart and dinner arrangements. 



If you are a business, you can sponsor the event. Sponsorship acknowledgement receipts will be issued by All Sports Alberta Foundation acknowledging your contribution to support Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. As per ACHF policy and CRA guidelines sponsors will not be issued any tax receipts. Although we are hoping to recover all green fee and dinner charges through tickets, there will be portion of your sponsorship contributions that will go towards prizes, awards or other promotional material. All Sports Alberta Foundation will not retain any money and will transfer all remaining funds to Alberta Children’s Hospital.

All transaction made to All Sports Alberta Foundation will be available to ASAF members and sponsors for scrutiny and review.